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How can an attorney take pressure off of you?

What can an attorney do for you if a police officer wants to talk to you? We are often retained by people under criminal investigation. After we are formally hired, we immediately contact the law enforcement officer. We inform the officer that we represent you and that you are invoking your right to remain silent and to legal counsel until further notice. As a result, the pressure the police place on you to talk goes away. They can’t ask you any more questions. We then discuss the investigation with you and get all the information available about what is happening. If it is in your best interests, we will arrange for you to talk to the officer while we are present. Sometimes, we relay information from you, other witnesses, and other evidence to the investigating officer in an attempt to convince them that either a crime did not occur or that you did not commit the alleged crime. Every case is different and fact specific. It is critical to get an experienced criminal defense attorney involved as soon as possible to decide how to best proceed with your case. With over 37 years of handling thousands of criminal cases, clients come to Steven Knecht seeking his dependable legal advice and service. He is committed to developing real relationships with his clients. By personally handpicking all of his cases, he dedicates more time to each client than many attorneys such as public defenders can or even try. This selectivity allows him to answer more calls and e-mails, review and research the accusations against you more thoroughly, investigate deeper, and most importantly, fight harder for you because you have everything at stake on the outcome.

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