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  • Is there a deadline for expungement of arrests?

    Indiana expungement law allows you to seek expungement of arrests, charges, and convictions that occurred in different Indiana counties, but a deadline exists for doing so. You must file your petitions for expungement in all of the different counties within one year of the filing date of your first expungement petition.
    You may seek expungement only once in your lifetime. Therefore, it is critical that you comply with the one year rule for filing if you have criminal records in multiple counties. Contact us today to discuss your options under Indiana’s expungement law.

  • Odor of Marijuana

    Can the odor (smell) of marijuana be enough for the police to arrest you?

  • How can an attorney take pressure off of you?

    What can an attorney do for you if a police officer wants to talk to you? We are often retained by people under criminal investigation. After we are formally hired, we immediately contact the law enforcement officer. We inform the officer that we represent you and that you are invoking your right to remain silent and to legal counsel until further notice. As a result, the pressure the police place on you to talk goes away. They can’t ask you any more questions. We then discuss the investigation with you and get all the information available about what is happening. If it is in your best i...

  • Should you agree to a polygraph?

    If a police officer asks you to take a polygraph test, should you agree to take test? Steven Knecht discusses the ramifications of agreeing to a polygraph test in this article.