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  • Accused of a crime? Here is what to do!

    If you have been accused of a crime, it is critical to hire a qualified and experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as you become aware of the accusation to protect your legal interests. While the best advice will come from your attorney, here are five things you can do now to protect yourself after being accused of a crime.

    1: Realize the importance of accusations

    If you have been accused of a criminal offense, the lifelong consequences can be serious. Many people who are accused experience a period of denial about the significance of the charges and delay hiring an attorney. Howe...

  • Is there a deadline for expungement of arrests?

    Indiana expungement law allows you to seek expungement of arrests, charges, and convictions that occurred in different Indiana counties, but a deadline exists for doing so. You must file your petitions for expungement in all of the different counties within one year of the filing date of your first expungement petition.
    You may seek expungement only once in your lifetime. Therefore, it is critical that you comply with the one year rule for filing if you have criminal records in multiple counties. Contact us today to discuss your options under Indiana’s expungement law.