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Should you agree to a polygraph?

If a police officer asks you to take a polygraph test, should you agree to take test? Absolutely not. Polygraph results are not admissible in Indiana criminal courts because polygraphs have been determined to be scientifically unreliable and may improperly influence a jury. Even the mention that a person took a polygraph is prohibited during a trial.

We frequently see that after a person agrees to take a police polygraph test, the police officer performing the test will tell the person that they have failed the test and then obtain a confession from the person. Statements made by the defendant before or after the polygraph examination are admissible, including a statement when confronted with the results. On the other hand, we have on occasion been able to obtain the dismissal of criminal charges when we have provided to the State the results of a client’s passed polygraph test that was conducted by a private polygraph examiner hired by the client. Before taking a polygraph test, you should retain experienced criminal defense attorneys to determine if taking the test is in your best interests.

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