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Blog: Criminal Defense

  • Expunging Misdemeanor Convictions

    You may be eligible to expunge your misdemeanor conviction five (5) years after the date the conviction was entered. This includes a Class D and Level 6 felony conviction later reduced to a Class A misdemeanor.

    To qualify for expungement you must have paid all your fines, fees, court costs, and any restitution requirement. You must not had any other convictions within 5 years preceding filing for expungement. You must also have no pending criminal charges.

    The prosecutor can agree to allow someone to file earlier than the five year waiting period. Early filing is completely within the pros...

  • Clearing Your Arrest Record

    If you were arrested and that arrest did not result in a conviction, you may be eligible to file to expunge the records of those arrests.

  • Subsequent Drinking Defense

    To be convicted of Operating while Intoxicated, the State must prove that you were operating a vehicle while intoxicated. Under some circumstances, the consumption of alcohol after operating the vehicle can be a winning defense.

  • Why Drug Weight Matters

    Most drug statutes increase the penalty based on the weight of the drug. Cases where the weight is near these enhancement levels should not be pled out to the higher offense until the drug has been weighed by an appropriate laboratory.

  • Talk to your Lawyer, Not the Police

    Pressure and fear can cause people to do irrational things, like confessing to crimes they did not commit. The pressure of being threatened with massive prison time, often for hours on end, often by an authority figure who is legally authorized to lie to you, can be substantial. People cannot know how they will react in such a situation without having experienced it before.